Lily Forado is a professional photographer based in Spain, with a passion for horses and equestrianism 

  • Equestrian Photographer: She is particularly skilled at capturing the beauty and grace of dressage competitions . Her work covers major equestrian events in Spain and internationally.
  • Communication Skills: Lily combines her photography talent with a strong background in communication. This allows her to not only take compelling photos but also write articles and promote riders through public relations.
  • Education: She has a degree in communications and is currently pursuing further education in sports sponsorship, specifically focused on the equestrian world.

Lily Forado has carved out a niche for herself by combining her love of horses with her communication and photography skills

Lily Forado is a renowned equestrian photographer and journalist. She began her career in 2018 and has worked in dressage competition circuits both internationally and in Spain. She is passionate about horses and has managed to combine her passion for communication with her love for equines. She has created her own brand and online platform to share news and articles about the equestrian world. Lily has established a strong reputation in equestrian journalism and has worked with leading professionals in the field. Her approach to social media has allowed her to be more open and creative. Although she is constantly searching for ways to improve and stay fresh in the field of communication, Lily remains true to the essence of herself. Her passion for purebred Spanish horses is unmatched and she finds great satisfaction in seeing their success in international competitions.

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