At 4 years old, a dressage horse should be focused on building a strong foundation through basic work. Here’s a breakdown following dressage principles:


  • Lunging: This helps develop suppleness, acceptance of the bit, and straightness.
  • Solid understanding of basic aids: This includes  forward movement, stop, and turning.


  • Suppleness and balance: Exercises that encourage the horse to stretch their neck and back while remaining balanced.
  • Rhythm and regularity: Maintaining consistent gaits (walk, trot) with clear transitions between them.
  • Light contact: The horse should accept the bit without feeling restricted.
  • Straightness: The horse should be able to move straight lines and bends without drifting.
  • Forwardness: The horse should move with impulsion and willingness to go forward.

Important points to remember:

  • Keep it positive: Training sessions should be short and positive, focusing on rewarding good behavior.
  • Respect the horse’s development: A 4-year-old is still maturing physically and mentally. Don’t push them too hard.
  • Focus on fun: Make training enjoyable for the horse to build trust and confidence.
You can find some videos of 4 years old horses that have followed this training principles: 

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